Consider the Basic Technique as a gift you can give to others.  Some may not welcome the information.  Others, however, may love the gift.  You may not know how the gift will be received in advance.

In any case, you might say, “I have learned about something that I think you might like.  I don’t want to offend you.  I invite you to take a look at this website, and the information there, and tell me if the information there might be of interest… I have been experimenting myself, and have appreciated what I have learned there.  If, after looking at the website you have questions, I would be happy to address them.”

Then, you might follow up with your friend later.  “I suggested a website to you a while back.  What questions did you have?”

Your friend may look at you a little suspiciously.   But then, your friend might also be very grateful for having learned of the BT.  Aren’t you grateful yourself that you learned about this information?